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inconsistent cut on plywood

I know, I know, there is already some discussion on plywood in this forum. I have good results on 3mm plywood with these settings:

Intensity: 90%

Speed: 180 mm/min

Repititions: 10 (I don't care about the timing too much).  

Here is my problem:

It works fine on a consistent line (lets say a rectangle, or one of the shapes provided at the application software). However sometimes the laser head jumps from one end to the other for a short cut here and a short cut there. In these areas the cut does not go through the material.

Any hint how to make a line consistent (with Inkscape)?

Thanks a lot,


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This cutting depends probably on the algorithm Mr Beam used to optimize the laserjob. This algorithm isn’t always logical. Not much you can do about it or use other software like lightburn and use the gcode from it.

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Thanks, Frans.

Do you have experience with lightburn and MrBeam? Does it work smoothly? 

Its not possible to connect Lightburn to Mr Beam. You can generate gcode in Lightburn and use it on Mr Beam. Lightburn has much better algorithms for gcode. You can control it by yourself with settings and you can see a simulation on the screen. Download a trial version to try.

Have you tried increasing the pierce time in the MrBeam expert settings? The laser diode needs a little time between being switched on and reaching full energy level. This can lead to incorrect cutting results at the beginning of each laser line and can be mitigated by increasing the pierce time a little.

Good point, Benjamin. I had no pierce time set so far. Any recommendations on this value?

I've worked with 200 - 500ms on Kraftplex, not sure how much is really required. 500ms seemed to work sometimes even too good, 200ms seemed okayish.

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