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Camera picture

In my opinion the function of the camera image needs a revision. You can never be sure that the displayed image is up to date. With me it happens often that an old picture is shown. This creates a lot of scrap. The message that the camera image is not up-to-date does not work reliably. 

For example, the image should not be displayed at all if it is not sure that it is up-to-date. Furthermore, I don't think it makes sense to display a colored, uncalibrated camera image at all. 

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I agree. 

For now, I just put my hand or something in the way wait for a picture to show with my hand, then remove it (and don't move the material) and wait for a picture to show without my hand. Then I am 100% sure the picture is right and what I'll place will be set correctly. In the above process, if nothing is moving/changing, I close and reopen the lid.

Happy cutting

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