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Laser does not cut all the way trough 3mm plywood

Need some advise. Tryed so many setups to cut through plywood, all unsuccesfully. Still got a chippings holding an object. Have to use knife. Tried setup (laser intensity 100%, speed 110, and 5cycles) so only that setup cut trough that plywood (hobby grade) but the edges get burned. Do someone can recomend me something. Please

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Daniel Barie you right. Exactly what I did. 40w co2 is flying compare to Mr Beam. Had two Mr Beams, and give up. They have try hard to get in to market. Otherways .... Go for Co2
Well, plywood is tricky. And frankly, after some experience trying to cut it I've pretty much given up on it. At standard settings I get too much charring at the edges. Reducing power and increasing the number of passes also leads to a reduction of charring. But it takes way longer. And I still haven't solved the problem of not getting a thorough cut. Probably I'll get myself another laser, China type CO2, for these jobs.
Still trying to cut through 3mm plywood. The best performance for my laser is 16mm height from surface. But still can not cut all the way through. 10 passes on 160mm/min. I want that Mr beam to show me the actual video how do they cut trough 3mm ply and setup.

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Good point! Mr Beams max limit for plywood is 4mm! But 3mm plywood need at least 8 passes! So how to handle this Mr Beam?
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