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Laser losing power

Is anyone having issues with your laser gradually losing power? When my mr beam first arrived I could cut 3mm birch ply cleanly with 3 passes at 100% 100mm/m, but now I need 4 passes for the same effect. Is there anything else that could be causing this?

I experienced a similar issue, my first laser head even had to be replaced since the power was far too low compared to the standard settings. My second laser head shows similar signs but its rather hard to tell how fast the decrease progresses.

I was told that it is recommended to clean the laser head every 100 hours or so - but I'm not sure how far this actually impacts the laser power since I seem to experience the power loss at a far higher rate than each 100 hours ...

I can't imagine I've used it for >100 hours yet. How do you go about cleaning the laser head?
I need about 6 passes for 3mm birch cutting! Don’t know if this is normal or not!
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