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Stamp Rubber, anyone?


did anyone try lasering rubber stamps already?

I have yet to figure out how to get a decent result.

The laser has way too much power for fine features. I'd love to reduce power and do more passes. But engraving does not allow for that.

Can't be that complicated, can it?


Hi Daniel,

have you tried the expert options already? I thought there were some additional options available.

I tried stamp rubber already but it was a mess so far. The rubber easily converts to coal and prevents the laser from lasering deeper into the material .. but maybe this is different depending on the specific material used.

Best regards,


Hi Sebastian, Yes. The first issue I have is: Creating stamps seems (from what I've worked out) to require engraving mode. That means that rendering all the material to be taken away is up to Mr. Beam (I.e. Converting the black areas into lines to be scanned by the laser). Experimenting with the line width setting helped. I've settled for 0.1mm. The second issue is the energy to be transferred into the material. The rubber seems to be conducting heat petty well. So the laser beam heats an area around the spot where it hits the material. At the outer edges (where the laser first touches) there will be less material taken away. Since the beam stays on when moving along the line, the material starts heating up and the cut will be deeper. That heating leads to the evaporation of fine lines that should be left standing. I wish I could pause the laser before these. btw: Is there a GCode documentation for Mr. Beam? And yes, the rubber creates a lot of ash. That is a problem if I want to reduce power (so the material won't heat too much) to do consecutive runs. I won't be able to remove the ash because I cannot precisely realign the material. With the ash on, there is no real energy transfer to the rubber underneath. So far I have only achieved creating craters without any line features in the rubber. But there has to be a way... Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Can you share the details on which material exactly you are using?

  1. What about using magnets to position the material
  2. press the pause button
  3. vacuum clean the rubber (usually all vacuum cleaners have some vents to adjust the depression)

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