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Unhandled communication error

I get this message a LOT lately.

In the middle of a laser job suddenly an error and the following message:

There was an unhandled error while talking to the printer. Due to that OctoPrint disconnected. Error: error: Invalid gcode ID:24

Super frustrating since restarting the laser job results in an uneven result.

Does anyone have any clue why this is happening?

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see also here:

Old firmware bug from grbl on which MrBeam is based on

can you send the log files to MrBeam for analysis so that they can identify the # of occurences ratio?

Maybe that helps them in getting this bug resolved.

I haven't encountered that bug too often, cannot recall when it was the last time ... haven't lasered very much recently though ...

I'm sorry to hear that this error happend to you so often and I understand how frustrating it is. But I have good news for you:

With version 0.1.53 of the MrBeamPlugin we released a very promising fix for the error "Invalid GCODE ID: 24".  I say "very promising" because it is almost impossible to get a full prove. 

Since this version we have a good handling of the event that lead to this error message. If it happens during your laser job, your job will continue without interruption and a notification in your browser appears asking you to send us a short data snippet per email. Please send us this data snippet per email or as a ticket; it helps us to continue keeping track of this issue.

In case you still experience canceled laser jobs because of this or any other error, please submit us a ticket and include your design file and the Mr Beam II logfile ("octoprint.log") with your ticket. We take these issues very serious.

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