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ventilation noise reducement


has anyone ideas on how to make the airfilter quieter ?

I don't know if it just got louder over time but generally it is really very loud.

Did someone of you tried things like a different ventilator ?

Or has any other tips to reduce noise ?



Hi Thomas,

see here for the respective FAN details of a) the laser head and b) the air filtration box.

Exchanging either one of the fans would require a model with similar or better performance. Especially with the air filtration unit there is the problem that you need to get at least the same static pressure, otherwise you will not be able to suck enough air out of the MrBeam housing.

Changing to a bigger fan will not help very much since bigger fans mostly generate more airflow but less static pressure which is not helpful if you want to get air sucked through the filter unit.

Changing to a more powerful unit may require the addition of external power supply since the current setup seems to be power via the internal RaspberryPi electronics.

I personally resorted to a different solution - i built myself a double layered silencing box for the ventilation box. This box is rather huge (approx. 80 x 80 x 80cm) but I can't hear the fan of the ventilation box any more - the most noise is now coming from the fan in the laser head as well as the movements of the entire laser carriage.

Best regards,

Benjamin Lakeit

Hey Benjamin,

kannst du mir deine Lösung mit deinem selbstgebauten Gehäuse mal zuschicken? Wäre sehr cool.

Ich bin ein Beta-User der ersten Stunde und hab heute mit den Jungs von MrBeam telefoniert u.a. auch wegen dem Lüfter im Mr.Beam Gehäuse. 

Ich hab selber auch keinen AirFilter bestellt und finde die Lautstärke auch eher suboptimal.

Der Support konnte mir sagen, dass man zwar selber einen anderen Lüfter dranhängen könnte, dieser aber die selbe Belegung auf dem RJ11 Kabel braucht und wohl auch ein etwas speziellerer Lüfter sein müsste, damit das ganze funktioniert.

Die Quick & Dirty Variante wäre tatsächlich eine Abschirmung oder ein Gehäuse zu bauen, welches man einfach hinten auf das abgewinkelte Rohr samt Lüfter steckt.

Würde mich über deine Unterstützung freuen.



Hi Klaus,

actually I have an AirFilter attached to the MrBeam which I have put into an noise cancellation enclosure. But this "proper" AirFilter unit is potentially even louder than your option since the static pressure that is required for the AirFilter box is presumably substantially higher (due to the 1.5m flex tube plus the active charcoal filter element where the airflow needs to be sucked through). Can you tell which fan model is included in the standalone fan version? Also the Sunon fan or another model?

With best regards,


Hi Benjamin,

thanks for your reply.

I think I misunderstood your last post - assuming you was building a silencing box right next to the fan that is mounted on the MrBeam chassis.

I didnt buy a the air filter system for my device, so I am looking for a solution to lower the noise of the fan on the back of the MrBeam.

Andy Ideas so far? :D 

I Need to check the fan model in my MrBeam to let you know - this could take till Weekend.

I am facing a bigger Problem, that my MrBeam doesnt laser a normal circle. -.-

The circle is a little offset, just like 2 pieces of a circle, you know?

Best regards,


Hi Klaus,

does the "circle" issue happen with a circle drawn manually with the MrBeam interface? Or only with circles from a vector file?

Circle issues with manually drawn circles did not yet happen to me, circle issues within a drawing could be caused by the drawing itself (some programs divide a circle into two parts that look like a circle but actually are no circle).

Best regards,


Hi Benni,

it happens within the MrBeam interface AND with my SVG-Files.

First I thought, that my files are Buggy and then I tried to draw it manually. Same reslut here as you described - feels like to parts of a circle -.-

Best regards,


Does this happen with cutting as well as with engraving? can you upload a picture of such cut / engraving? Have you posted an error ticket already?

I assume it is not firmware / software related but rather related to the mechanical setup that may have become loose (e.g. belt tension or one of the screws holding the belt pulleys to the stepper motor).

Yes it happens whilst cutting and/or engraving. Ticket is already posted and I hope the guys can tell me what to do.

I already had a phone conversation with MrBeam and they told me that it have to be a mechanical "problem". The one thing is, that I don't know how to tighten the belt on the X-axis to exclude this part of the problem.

(3.25 MB)
(2.04 MB)

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Yeah - this very much looks like a loose belt - needs to be retightened ... would be interesting to see how this is done, since the belt on the X axis is rather hidden and thus challenging to retighten.

Which belt do you think is loose in your device? The Y axis belt (left / right side) or the X axis belt (where the laser head is riding on)?

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I think its the x-axis belt, was I already checked the y-axis belts and they look quite ok.

Still don't, now how to adjust the x-axis belt and sent another message to the support.

Hope I can fix this soon, cause I have some customer orders to manage :/

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