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Laser deviation according to material height?

 Hi everyone

In the topic 'Camera view' we already discussed the issue with a certain deviation of the placement of a file and the effective laser position.

I had a slight but constant deviation with thin materials which I just balanced out by arranging the file in Beam OS according to this deviation.

Now I used a thiker material for the first time (had to adjust the rough alignment of the laser head) and did the same balancing in Beam OS.

But this didn't work at all an the deviation now is much bigger than before.

First I thought, ok, if the material is thiker, the distance between the material and the camera is automatically smaller and therefore the laser head will laser more to the center of the working area (especially when lasering at the borders of the working area). But at the end the complete opposite happened. The lasering was more towards the outside. In my opinion this doesn't make sense. If the camera can't recognise the height of the material and the camera take its image from the center position of the working area, the effect should be the other was around...

Did anyone experience the same when changing material thiknesses...? and how can you explain this?

Thank you


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Mr Beam should look at this! One of their top specification points was to place your object precisely on the laserbed! But it came out as a very weak specification, it can be +\- 5mm or more! Not good at all!
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