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Ticket support

Does anyone else have experience with a slow ticket support?

Hello Björn,

We do know that currently we are not that fast in replying to the support tickets and forum questions, sorry about that. We are still a very small team and it takes more time than it should to get back to you. At the moment we are looking for some extra hands to help here and hopefully will improve shortly. Meanwhile, please excuse the delay.

- Anastasiia

Hi Anastasiia,

Perhaps you need to introduce a severity indicator to tickets? My ticket that I opened on Sunday about my password not letting me log into my mr-beam means that I cannot use my device at all until somebody helps with  this. I class this as a high priority issue.

Hi Chris,

We will look into your request asap and reach out shortly. 

Hello Anastasiia, 

On September 14th I got a message that the Mr. Beam support team will send me a return ticket to return my laser to you. 

We are now 3+ weeks further and still no ticket. 

I am getting more and more dissatisfied to be honest.  

Hello Björn,

Please excuse the delay. Since the return is being arranged from Switzerland, export documentation is being involved and unfortunately these arrangements take much more time then we would like to. We will keep you posted on the progress and send the return label once available.


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