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Job related log file.

I want save my job related setup with total running time to readable log file.

One new log file per job with all setup information and running time.

It would be very useful to save good job setups with own file name.

If you later on need to run same type job, you could see setups from saved log files and also needed time estimation.

Each executed job is stored as Gcode file on the SD card, as far as I do remember the respective settings are (somewhat cryptic / partially) stored also in this file. If I want to get a timing estimate for the runtime of the laser job I utilize an online GCode analyzer which provided rather realistic estimates:

It's a workaround though ;-)

It's would be better way to get setup values and also camera view from your project and save them to your computer using your UI sw. This UI sw could also has option to save camera view of your engraving or cutting project after laser operation. So you can simply see what kind of results you have got with different setup values.

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