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Mr Beam Cooling

Hello there everyone,

so the last two days I had major issues with the cooling of the laser itself. And I have no clue why. Outside weather is nice an warm and inside at the working area temperatures are around 22-24°C. Really not as warm as summer was. The Image I wanted to engrave on plywood should take all in all about 3,5 hours without any breaks.
Problems are:
1.) the laser started cooling about every 10 minutes all over the laserjob. So the first time this happened i stopped it and canceld the job. When touching the metal housing of the laser it really didn't seem hot, just slightly warm. Although I have no reference to how it would be "too hot". I can't see the realtime temperature (would be a nice feature) so was it really too hot? Or is there some other problem by software maybe?
2.) the second day i wanted to try and engrave the image again. Again it did stop again and again. Additionally this time it just iddn't start de laser sometimes after restarting. This also happens sometimes if I pause a laser job. By pressing the button to continue the laser continues it's path but the laser doesn't enlight. By seeing this very quickly you can just pause and start again, this works mostly fine. But having a half done bottom part of my engraving is just horrible.

Maybe someone can help me out, i really hope so. Later I'll tell you about some less current problems ;-).
Thanks guys!

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Did you already have a look at the log files of your MrBeam? Or did you send a mail with the log file(s) attached to the MrBeam support team? According to my inspections of the Logfiles there seems to be rather much information included thus the folks @ MrBeam may be able to identify the culprit for this rather unusual behaviour (at least I did not encounter such a pause behaviour yet). Will be interesting to hear what the outcome is.

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Thanks for the help, Benjamin. This might be really helpful for now and later. Meanwhile I got an e-mail by Mr Beam and they offered an exchange laser head, because it sounds like a problem with it. That's some really great service and I'm looking forward to have some kind of experience as you mentioned with your new laser head. Anyway tomorrow I'll be back home and have a look at the log files, because I really didn't remind that earlier.

I just wanted to write a thread in this forum and saw that you had cooling issues, too.

Since a few days my Mr Beam stopps for cooling even every one or two minutes. This happens when I do simple cutting jobs on 0,8mm cardboard.

The template I cut worked fine till now and the laser head never needed cooling. Suddenly this cooling issue came up. Last night Mr Beam had cooling time about as long as cutting time making the working time double at the end. Very annoying and not bearable.

Did you receive an answer what happened in your case or did they just send a new laser head?

Does anyone else experience this issue?

Thank you


Indeed I got a new laser head by Mr Beam.

I think this problem occurs by lasering certain materials. Some materials release lots of dust-like particles and the Mr Beam air vent is simply over stressed by high amounts while high laser intensity jobs. As a result dust collects all around the laser head. Especially materials with sticky properties support accumulating dust more and more. This way there will be a point when too much dirty covers the laser head and this cover stores heat. So the laser head cooling has too work way more while having less effect on dirt surfaces compared to its usual effect on cooling fins.

To me the sealing of the new laser head seems to be improved so i hope in future this problem won't appear again. Still I don't really know which materials have bigger or smaller effects. I think woods with high amounts of resin produce lots of dust with sticky properties while lasering. Maybe there are comparable components in cardboard that react gluey. And maybe the same goes for plywood with it's glued layers.

I hope you will find a solution quickly and maybe this helps you although it is late.

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