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Invalid gcode ID24

Yesterday I wanted to laser a rather big symbol (38 x 38 cm) on wood.
As you can imagine it would have taken very long to finish that laser job.
After about 2 hours of lasering and about 1/3 of the job done, Mr. Beam II stopped and on the computer screan came a message:

Invalid gcode ID 24

What does this code stand for? What was the reason the job didn't finish.

I need to avoid this of happening a second time as I get material from customers to laser onto.

Thanks for your inputs.

Its a very old GRBL bug that is rather tricky to get resolved. I've encountered it around 5 times in approx. 200-300 laser jobs with a total of approx. 200 hours of lasering (gut feeling, need to analyze my log files accordingly).

I'm sorry to hear that this error happend to you in such a critical situation.

With version 0.1.53 of the MrBeamPlugin we released a very promising fix for the error "Invalid GCODE ID: 24".  I say "very promising" because it is almost impossible to get a full prove. 

Since this version we have a good handling of the event that lead to this error message. If it happens during your laser job, your job will continue without interruption and a notification in your browser appears asking you to send us a short data snippet per email. Please send us this data snippet per email or as a ticket; it helps us to continue keeping track of this issue.

In case you still experience canceled laser jobs because of this or any other error, please submit us a ticket and include your design file and the Mr Beam II logfile ("octoprint.log") with your ticket. We take these issues very serious.

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