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Has anyone tried cutting foam board ?

I'm interested in being able to cut foam board (sometimes known as foam core). I tried on some scraps of white I had lying around and couldn't get a good cut. I expect black would work better, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has already tried this before I order some.

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I tried some black 5mm foam board today. 100%, 300mm/m, 2x passes worked reasonably. Very neat cuts into the card and just slight distortion to the foam layer on smaller shapes (presumably heat damage). I expect I can improve the results by tweaking the settings, but overall I'm happy with it.

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I see foam board is listed on the website as one of the "favourite materials" but it's not supported in the UI. What material did you select to even try it? 

I tried thin card, corrugated card then plywood. When plywood didn't work I started increasing the reps and decreasing the speed. I don't remember what numbers I was at when I gave up. I have some black now, but I've not had a chance to try it out.
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