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Precise Tape Masking for Spray Paint

 Spray painting made easy.


Of course, the boxes are also made with Mr. Beam :) These are cut from 4mm plywood.

The masking tape was ordinary "Nopi" tape used for paint jobs. I cut it with the settings for 0.2mm paper.

At first I made the masking for spray painting the letters from ordinary paper. When I applied this to the boxes it didn't stick and/or lie flat. With the tape in my hand I had the idea to cut the tape directly. Et voilà :)

If you intend to replicate the idea: Use a "stencil" font. I recommend "Allerta Stencil" which is also included in the UI of Mr. Beam. But there, you can only use it for engraving. So go to your favourite searche engine and type "Allerta Stencil". It will give you a link to Google where you may download the .ttf font file for installation (Windows). Then type the text in Inkscape, remove the infill and set a contour colour. Convert the text to paths. Save as SVG. Load in Mr. Beam.

Stick the tape to the metal mesh. Laser. Remove the tape from Mr. Beam. Stick it to your object and make sure the outlines of the lettering are sticking well to the object (apply pressure with your fingers along the contours). Spray paint and remove tape immediately. Done.



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Ok, then of course it looks different! Nice idea! :-)

There's a lot of different NOPI tapes.

PVC tape is only one of many NOPI tapes.

The one I used is

No PVC. Only natural gum.


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NOPI Tape is based on a PVC-film. That means toxic fumes!

That's not a good idea!

Thank you, Daniel.

Hi, I usually go for 50%, 250mm/m and approx. 20 reps. No pierce time. That avoids too much charring at the edges. Of course, it takes a while longer than at standard full power...
Hi Daniel, thank you for the masking tip. Which settings did you use to cut the 4mm plywood? I guess it takes quite some time. Lots of greetings MyLou
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