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Modified Mobile Device Mount for Car

Previously, I used to have a windshield mount for my mobile.

With my new mobile I wanted to mount it in front of a ventilation outlet for cooling.

The vent mounts I found didn't fit or didn't allow for rotation of the device so I wouldn't be able to properly view it. I printed a custom part but the plastic (PLA) wouldn't stand the summer heat. Even with metal insets it had a tendency to get deformed by the weight of the mobile.

That's when I combined the old windshield mount with some laser cut parts :)


The parts are made of 3mm plywood. Horizontal and vertical parts are connected by means of slots.

The original mount's suction cup was fitted to the movable part by means of little spacers. I cut these from acrylic.


The slots in the vertical wooden part are for ventialtion. The horizontal wooden part is taped to the car with Dual Lock tape (courtesy of 3M ;) ).


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