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Metal grid at bottom

The metal grid at the bottom of my working area bows up on the left side because it is not mounted completely under the white frame. This makes it impossible to have the same distance between the material and the laser when working on larger materials.

I've helped myself by inserting a thin piece of wood under the white frame which presses the metal grid down.

But I think this is not a long time solution as I would prefer to have the grid mounted as it is supposed to be.

What can I do?

Strange - I did not yet encounter this - maybe transport damage?

You can apply the "standard grid cleaning method" as described in the user manual.

I.e. after a certain amount of lasering you end up with lot of dirt on the grid. For cleaning that one can turn the MrBeam around and unscrew the bottom plate, thus getting access to the grid material.

Maybe it is misaligned or bent? I guess you will find out.

And once more, thank you Benjamin for your support, very appreciated!

Seems as if many of my questions get answered by reading the user manaul.

I tried to download the user manual and logged in to Google drive.

Google drive wouldn't let me downlaod it but proposed me to ask for allowance by clicking a button.

I did, but still haven't got permission.


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