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BeamOS download for offline usage

I understand that BeamOS is an online software making it possible to always work with the latest software version.

It would be usefull being able to download the software to a computer so one can work offline and in envirements where there is no internet connection.

Are there thoughts of provide a software download in the future?

Thank you


Hello Manuel,

There is not really a need to download the software, it can also work offline. If the Mr Beam II is not connected to the existing WiFi (at your home or office for ex.), it opens its own access point which you can use to connect your computer. The name is MrBeam-XXXX and the password - "mrbeamsetup". Once connected, type in your browser, which is your Mr Beam's IP address.

You can find some extra information on the Mr Beam connection in this article as well as in the QuickStart Guide.

- Anastasiia

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Thank you Anastasiia for the answer.


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