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Working temperature

Hi everyone.

I just received my Mr. Beam II and I am testing like mad.

My partner does christmas and other markets and we thought about taking Mr. Beam II to those markets to engrave wooden cutting boards and other things.

Now my question is, can I take Mr. Beam outside to those markets to engrave and cut live during those marktes? What about cold temperatures. During winter / christmas markets it can be 0 or even below zero degreegs outside. Does Mr. Beam II work and is it ok to take it outside with those temperatures?

Furthermore, for the BeamOS I need internet connection. Is it enough to make an iPhone hotspot for my laptop. Does Mr. Beam II work then?

Thanks for your answers.


Hi Manuel,

the users manual in Google Drive refers to an operating temperature between 15 and 25° C. Additionally it requires locations with limited temperature changes and no operation in humid environments. Thus I'd assume that you would have to apply precautions in order to operate the cutter at christmas markets.

At the end of the day you can try to operate the cutter in such freezy conditions but at your own risk / loss of warranty.

Mind that materials change their size depending on temperature which in the worst case could cause tiny gaps in the laser cutter enclosure that allow laser radiation to exit the enclosure - thereby posing bystanders with the risk of being exposed to unfiltered laser radiation.

More importantly temperature changes can cause unforseen electrical issues with the circuitry leaving you with a non-functioning laser cutter at the end of the day.
I personally would not risk it.

Best regards,


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Hi Benjamin,

thank you for your answer. I thought that the answers would go in that direction and I will definately not try it if it might just slightly cause problems. Just wanted to know for sure.

What about my other question. Is it possible to take Mr. Beam somewhere else, not my own home where I installed Mr. Beam, and just run it with a hotspot with iPhone for the BeamOS on my laptop and Mr. Beam not specially connected to a Wi-Fi network?

Thank you


my question regarding offline use of Mr. Beam II has been answered in another topic/thread.

Thank you.

I've used the Mr Beam already multiple times somewhere else. Just remember to keep a copy of the MrBeam manual nearby (on your phone / PC / laptop) in case you forgot the login credentials / standard IP address for offline use).

useful hint.

Thank you

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