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Allow to ungroup shapes from a svg file

It would be nice to be able to ungroup shapes when you open a svg file. We need to create 1 file for each cut which is not so convenient.

For example, when you want to cut a card, you need to cut different pieces : card base, front panel(s), inserts... usually all the pieces are in the file in order to be able to resize them at the same time if needed. Have differents files don't allow to do it so easily.

Have you tried utilizing different colors in your file? You can put selected colors into the "avoid" section, i.e. these colors will not be considered for cutting in the current jobs.

Thanks Benjamin - It is that I did at the end, but not so convenient... below is the example when I cut only the card base (black lines cut - green lines scored)



Try Inkscape for editing svg files. It's free and quite powerful. Cheers Daniel
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