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Hello, I forgot my password to login on mr Beam. It’s not mrbeamsetup. How can I get a new password? The software has no “forgot password” option!!!! Help! Frans

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I can’t remember that I set another password then the default password mrbeamsetup! So very strange I can’t login! Do you have a solution already mr Beam? I can’t use it now!

Have you raised a ticket already? Normally the response is quite fast - at least that was my experience.

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The password you enter is the username / password combination you have to set up during first use of the laser cutter - which is a security feature to ensure the Laser Class 1 safety preconditions.
Have you tried using the Mr. Beam in an environment where it cannot access the normal network environment but has to setup its own WLAN network? 

If I remember correctly one can access the device then with the mrbeamsetup credentials again.

Well, I’m in now! The problem was that my password was only in the cloud from Apple! Mr Beam is on my windows computer so no password could found. Problem solved now. But the fact stays that there is no password recovery when the login screen appears. You can only change your password when you are being login!

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We can help you to reset your Mr Beam II. Please open a ticket and make sure that you provide the full serial number of your Mr Beam II.

Hello, I need same help over here, ticket was submitted but the response was a new link to mr beam web page not the password reset...

I am having exactly the same problem. I just tried logging into my Mr. Beam and it's not accepting the password I thought I used. I log into this forum with my Google credentials so I don't have a password here.

A reset password button would be useful.

Same problem I can’t login! I wrote my password down too, so I wouldn’t forget it! Any ideas would be much appreciated Thanks gina

Same problem! Just submitted a ticket and hope it gets solved soon, but would be grateful if anyone has a solution. Thanks, Saif

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