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Setting file dimensions and uploading in Mr Beam II at 100%

 Hi there,

 I had a file with designs of 85mm wide, no background, PNG format, that I wanted to cut in paper. But once the file is uploaded, the 85mm shape took the entire workspace of Mr Beam II... Is there a way to set the same dimensions of the file's designs in Mr Beam II workspace? 100% of file size set as 100% size in the workspace? Thank you for your help!

You can set the file size on the left side in the job list. Another option is to reduce the DPI resolution to somewhere around 90 DPI or so.

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Hi Lisa,

What you can do:

- You can change the scale of your design very easily by typing in 85mm in the text field for horizontal size. (See GIF below)
- You could embed your pixel graphic in an SVG file. The Mr Beam II keeps the exact size that you set within the SVG.

Why is it...? Let me explain...
Generally sizes of pixel graphics (like png or jpeg) are defined in pixels not in metric sizes. Nevertheless many graphic programs offer an option to specify the size in cm or mm. What these programs do is that they write a "zoom factor" (resolution or dpi value) as hidden information in the image (exif data) and use this information to zoom in/out accordingly once you reopen the image. The problem here is that there is not standardized way how this information is stored within the images and therefor Mr Beam II does not use these information.
What Mr Beam does is that it chooses a zoom factor where the picture appears as big as possible without any quality loss. (Except if it would exceed the Working Area, in this case we shrink it to fit the Working Area)

Hope this helps,


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Thank you very much for your explanations Andy! I'll set future files into SVG format.


I’ve also noticed that if you export .svg make sure you uncheck the responsive option as it doesn’t load in at the same size. Hope that’s helpful.

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Hi everyone, I'm exporting all my files now in .svg format for cutting thick paper. But the sizing tool in Mr Beam application seems to not exactly match with the reality. I upload a design set on an A4 paper format, with only contours, as a svg file. Once imported in Mr Beam, I resized the design to A4 dimensions, which is not matching with the real dimensions from what I can see via the webcam. And then, the design size set via the webcam is not matching with the design cut in real. There is about 5 to 10% of difference between webcam and reality I would say. If what I'm saying is not very clear, I can post later some photos here... Did anyone else encoutered the same issue?

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Hi Lisa,

if the webcam picture of a A4 sheet of paper and a rectangle in A4 format do not match in size it is very likely that the camera calibration is not fully working any more. Recalibration of the camera is possible in the settings menu - but once you have started the process make sure that it can finish since it seems unfortunately not possible to cancel the process inbetween. I.e. you will need some cardboard in all corners where the calibration markers will be lasered. Based on these markers the calibration code can then identify how to manipulate the webcam picture in relation to the four red round circles glued on the bottom of the laser chamber.

I found that the calibration was slightly off initially when I got my Mr Beam delivered - after the recalibration all seems to work fine.

Best regards,


Thanks for your help Benjamin!

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