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Laser time

I am not sure if it is possible to get the information somewhere. But my Mr. Beam sometimes starts counting the lasertime after already having lasered 30 minutes and if you dont look at your laptop the whole time, the laser time is gone and you cant look it up. Or can you? Is there a way to find out the total laser time that a laser did?

And, after how many hours do i need a new laser head? And how much is it.

thank you!

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Hi Greta

Thank you for writing a post to our forum.

At the moment there is not way to get the laser time once the job has finished. But we have it on our list because users keep asking for it.

Laserhead lifetime:

The laserhead is designed to last at least 10'000 hours of job time. Let me point out that is includes only real job time. The time while your Mr Beam II is not processing a laser job does NOT count towards it's lifetime. This is because we use a laser diode instead of CO2-tubes as laser source.

In short: Our laserhead is not a wearing part and therefore there's no need to buy replacement units. If you really think you reached the lifetime of your laserhead, contact our support team and we'll make you an offer for a replacement.


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