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 I wish I had a source of information on where to get various materials suitable for lasering (except the usual suspects like Hornbach, Bauhaus, Obi). Are there Online Shops (apart from Trotec)? What about other countries?

Could you establish a Wiki for that?


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Thanks for the pointers.

Do you know any suppliers in Belgium? I'd love to purchase Trotec and Gravograph materials. The stuff is really hard to find. Almost nothing on E***. And Trotec will not directly sell to private persons. I'm still in contact with Gravograph.

@Daniel, Thank you for mentioning this. We do understand the need in sharing this kind of information and one of our future plans is to add the materials range on our webshop.  We can't promise to have this finalized in the very near future, but we do have it in our timeline. 

@Frans, Thank you so much for sharing the sources.

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Mr Beam Lasers

Good news: Graphograph will sell to private persons.

Downside: They don't have a web shop. Upside: Contact the sales team by mail to get a quote (at least that's the way to go for Belgium).

Life can be so easy.

Even as a private person you may get Plexiglas (Acrylic, cast or extruded, all varieties) directly from the producer (Evonik).

They even provide samples (3€ a piece, no shipping cost).

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