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Complete all settings before lasering... (if you get instant completion without laser head moving)


just sharing my first-time-use experience.

I went for paper as a starter. But I didn't set the thickness.

The software let me start the job and reported instant completion without even moving the laser head.

Finally, I realized I had to choose a thickness. And the laser head started moving...


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing this. Technically you’ve created an empty job. 

It is not possible to engrave paper, all engraving data is skipped for this material. Since you haven’t selected the thickness, all cutting data was skipped as well. 

Sorry for this confusion, we understand that an explanatory message is needed for this kind of situations and plan to make this feature live in the nearest future. Meanwhile please let us know about any challenges you face.

Kind regards,


I also tried on paper as a first test, but on my software, I just had Skip or Engrave setting as available choices, no Cutting, even with only lines in the design. Is there something I didn't set right or is it something that will be fixed on the softwzre at some point? Thank you!

I assume you refer to your cutting attempt with a PNG file. PNG is a raster image format which can only be used as basis for engraving. If you want to cut lines you need to convert the lines you want to get cut to a vector graphic (SVG format), e.g. by utilising Inkscape or another graphic program able to work with vectors.

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Oh got it, okay, thanks!

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