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Key lock on frontside!

Not tested yet, the weather is to nice! It turns on and I get the leds on. Not so handy is the key lock on the backside! What’s your opinion about this? I have my mr Beam against a wall and it’s difficult to reach!

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You have to do strange movements with your hand to turn it!

I don't want to complain... Mr. Beam is a nice machine.

But the key tends to loosen and slip from the lock when Mr. Beam is turned off. That's a bit of a nuisance if Mr. Beam is placed on a table against a wall.

Best regards


Dear Frans and Daniel, 

Thank you for sharing your feedback. 

In order to make sure that Mr Beam II is operated only by the authorized persons, having a key switch is mandatory. We have tested different placement options and the current one works the best. 

Please make sure that the socket is easily accessible and in the immediate vicinity of the device. In an emergency, the main plug and the key must be disconnected immediately.

- Anastasiia

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