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Cleaning Mr Beam

Hi, I would like to know how to get rid of residue on the comb inlay. In other lasers, those can be taken out and cleaned. What am I supposed to to with the one in Mr Beam? Or did I just miss the functionality to take it out?


You can unscrew the bottom plate and simply clean it with a normal dishwashing liquid. However, bear in mind to wear safety gloves while handling the bottom plate as it is quite sharp at the outer edges and you can easily cut.


Mr Beam Lasers

You can also find a detailed explanation in our User Manual. Let us know if anything stays unclear.

Hallo Anastasiia

sollte diese Betriebsanleitung mitgeliefert sein - ich habe keine erhalten - gibt es diese auch in deutsch oder nur englisch über diesen link

vielen dank für info

Hello Alf,

Currently, only the QuickStart Guide is being shipped with the Mr Beam II and an electronic version of both English and German manuals can be found in this folder


Hallo Anastasiia,

wo kann ich die filtermatten beziehen - im shop sind sie nicht erhältlich ?

vielen Dank

Hallo Alf,

The filter mats will be available for a purchase in our online shop in one, maximum two weeks. 

Hello, trying to open the GDrive link I get a "permission error" could you open it up?

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