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Dangerous! Materials you should not use!

 I thought it is a good idea to start a thread like this.

The first one is vinyl (example: clocks from old music LPs)!

Lasering vinyl releases chlorine gas which is toxic and aggressive!
It will corrode the steel parts of the machine and it will harm you!

PVC is the same! Toxic chlorine gas!

Balsa wood is very easily flammable, thus should be cut with less than 100% intensity and with higher speeds otherwise the airflow of the laser head fan increases the ignition rate drastically and can actually lead to the part completely burning away instead of being lasered.


If it's forbidden, it must be fun.


I just (unknowingly) engraved PVC with the settings for engraving balsa wood.

Air filter is attached, of course. When opening the lid there was no trace of chlorine smell. Only one of slightly burned plastic.

I'm not advocating anything except for common sense.


as far as I understood the issue with cutting PVC is not only the poison fumes but also the aggressivity of the fumes which can damage parts of Mr Beam (metal).

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