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lasering a lot is getting annoying because of the fan. The speed goes up and down all the time for no clear reason.

Maybe you tell us something about the algorithm or add some lowpass for spin down cycle? This would also expand the lifetime.

Can you tell us the specs of the fan? I would like to add an adaptor to use a bigger fan.



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Can You Please Clear this Question Please Actually what you mean? 

RS Pro 34b36546(Date sheet)

Has anyone already figured out fan control? To me, it seems like a standard RJ45 connector that leads to the air filter. Probably one would have to modify the air filter box at the bottom. There are not that many holes. So just adding a bigger fan won't help.

Hi, I build a bigger fan mount which carrys a San Ace fan (9GA0912P4G03).

This works perfect. You can find the files on my github

You can connect a HT pipe (100 mm) as an exhaust.





Did you wire it to the RJ45 jack at the rear?
Yes, I cut the wires and used the RJ connector.

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Hello Forum

We found a good and ................sorry Martin...............professional solution to this problem.

Please stay patient for another few days - it will be worth it :-)


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