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Lasering on stone

Hi there Mr. Beam-Community!

Just wanted to share my lucky pick on my first try to laser on stone.

All the following experiments didn't turn out nearly as well. But I won't give up.

Greeting from Cologne (Germany)

P.S.: I love my Mr.Beam!

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By the way: My lucky pick was a natural stone tile (mat) from the lokal hardware store.

Engraving settings: Intensity = 80% , speed = 400

1. The lucky pick - Can anyone explain the physics (chemistry?) behind this phenomenon to me?


2. Failed experiments with other stones found on the banks of the river rhine, the cretan coast and a deko store:


3. More experiments that turned out quite interesting:


4. The "natural stone tile" (mat) that worked perfectly.


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Wow! I really need to test this! Pretty cool! Everything done with the same parameters?
I played around a little, but only between an intensity of 80-100% and speed 300 to 400.

@MyLou - I love this work. Could you share the supplier/producer of the stone mat  (maybe with picture of the box?!) Would be great!

Thank you!!!

@MyLou -  I also live near the river rhine (5km). So I don't have to try some pebbles from there ;-)

Which was your local hardware store? O.., Hornb..., Bauh...?

Thank you once again!!!

Best regards!

Hello! After I read this I tried on slate with the same settings are Anodized Aluminium and I got the below... Pretty happy with it :)

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@Samuel: Great! Thank you!!!

You can buy the mat I took the stones from at "to..-baumarkt".

It costs only about 4 € and looks like this:



Have fun lasering!

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Cool, thank you very, very much! I will try them this weekend!

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