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Mr Beam II Beta Softwarekanal.

Dies soll ständig aktualisiert werden. Schaue als öfters mal hier rein, wenn du unseren Beta-Kanal nutzt.

Tipp: Das "BETA"-Label in deinem Mr Beam II ist jetzt mit diesem Artikel verlinkt.

Während du dich im Beta-Kanal befindest, kannst du die neuesten Updates mit nur einem Klick erreichen.

What's currently new in Mr Beam II Beta Channel:

Release v0.7.8-v0.7.9 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Lens calibrationTogether with the corner calibration, now it is possible to do the lens calibration to improve the precision of your camera.
  • Bug fixes to improve stability. Including:
    • Display of the Job-time estimation.
    • Advanced options for multiple cut jobs.

What's new in the stable channel:

Release v0.7.0-v0.7.6 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Improved camera: more resistant in extreme lighting conditions, improved specially for dark materials.
    • New camera settings and camera status pannel, simplified corner calibration.
    • Ajusts to different heights: deppending on the height of the objects you put in the working area the camera will adjust accordingly.
    • Two marker detection modes to choose from.
  • Refreshed UI design
  • Repeating a job: sometimes after a laser job is finished, we want to run it again exactly as it was to have a darker engraving, or maybe we just want to place in a new piece of material and repeat a job. Now this is possible from the laser job done dialog!
  • Folders in the design library: you will have the option to have keep your design library tidy by keeping your designs in different folders.
  • Bulk deletion of designs: now it's possible to remove several designs at the same time.
  • Picture quality notification: under the submenu "Preview" you can find some information in case of low quality camera pictures.
  • Improvements with SVG image handling.
  • Reset button for Mr Beam Light settings.
  • Progressive cut (in advanced settings).
  • Split SVG files into smaller chunks, to manage them easier.
  • Support page: find the links to our Youtube channel, Knowledge Base and guided tour all in the same place.
  • New article about the cooling pauses: you can find a link in the "cooling pause" window.
  • Added Dutch user manual.
  • Multiple bug fixes for stability