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cork cut and engraving

have someone try to cut and engrave cork !?

like a to do list on a cork board or coaster´s with logo´s !?

thx for any info´s

Hi Henrik,

I did some engraving on cork. But I have no Idea on cutting it.

The coasters I made are quite fine and were really easy to make.

Hope that helps you a little.

hello Martin,

my Idea is like a big puzzle on a wall.

may you have a picture of an engraving on cork !?

Your idea sounds pretty cool.

Here are the coasters I made. Very simple with only a symbol and no different colours on it. I think it was the second or third project I did with the laser after receiving it. So the coaster frame was not lasered with ideal settings I think. I cut it out by hand after lasering. But you might test cutting with a little piece of cork. It could work and it would be cool to see your puzzle.

thx for the picture.

I did a lot of engraving on cork.

Works fine and the results are very good.

Don't know about cutting though

I had a go at cutting (using some 3mm ikea cork coasters). I managed to cut through eventually but it looked terrible with an uneven and burnt kerf of about 3mm. I was actually quite worried I'd start a fire.
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