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OpenSCAD size/scale issues with SVG files


I sometimes use OpenSCAD for simple 2D/3D construction. When exporting from OpenSCAD to SVG the size/scale of the model does not fit. Mr. Beam will render the part way too small.

This is a well-known issue with OpenSCAD. It will export unitless SVG files. On the contrary, Mr. Beam seems to expect units in mm to be specified in the SVG file.

Luckily, there is an easy fix. Load the SVG file in your favorite text editor and add the "mm" unit.


<svg width="18" height="8" viewBox="-9 -4 18 8" xmlns="" version="1.1">


<svg width="18mm" height="8mm" viewBox="-9 -4 18 8" xmlns="" version="1.1">

 Look for the "mm" behind the digits.

Finally, save the design and upload it to Mr. Beam :)




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Many thanks for the great tip!

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